Tomorrow, I will like you even more.
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I'm cute

Why don’t anime characters have winged eyeliner


Ch k uh fgk b ft bddfjh


Don’t judge me and my laptops relationship.

what the heck, was I high when I made this????

Nice & cool walk back to the dorm ♡

Chic fil a is a 2 minute walk from my dorm, life is good ^^



Just remember, if you ever hate your job…

that is not where i thought this was going




anime is gross

WTF??? Recon Corps, get your 3D Maneuver Gear!!! Kill La Killers, get your Senketsus!!!! Bleaches get your Bankai!!! Dangan Ronpas, get your teddy bears!! Sword Art Online players, get your disposable female characters

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